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How to create the invoice:

  • Choose your favorite template here.
  • Click on the fields you want to edit. The fields will be extended if you press enter.
  • Add as many items as you wish clicking on Add new row.
  • Change the order of your items with Drag & Drop clicking on the moving icon.
  • Delete any items clicking on the minus icon.
  • Disable or change the VAT below if you need.
  • Prices will be calculated automatically for you.
  • NEW! Save your invoice into Bookmarks and load them any time in the future.


 DescriptionQuantityUnitUnit PriceTotal 
£ 2.50 
Subtotal: £
VAT: £
Total: £

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NEW! Save your invoice into Bookmarks!

With this feature you can easily load your previously created invocies, if you want to change them later, you don't have to type the data again, it's enough to type the changes.
In addition you can fill your personal and other data which are constant on the invoice, then save it. When you create your next invoice, you don't have to fill these data again, just load it from the Bookmarks.

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